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Colección Ver para Creer
  Seeing is Believing 2

Material para Docentes y alumnos a partir de los 10 años
Fecha de aparición: 2001
Comentario: Didáctica Informática EGB 2
Formato: Libro
Nº de Páginas: 72

Some comments about my books:

(...) “I was glad to encounter the work of Prof. Rosa Kaufman as she is engaged in an extremely unique endeavor. As I see it, Prof. Kaufman is pioneering the field of humanized computer art for children and thus setting the stage for the future artist that can perhaps change our fundamental understandings of the computer.
(...) And judging by Prof. Kaufman’s body of work in her various series of highly visual computational texts for children, the world has a valuable resource in an educator that stands for a uniquely human touch to the otherwise deshumanized medium of computation.” (from the Preface of “Ver para creer 3”)

John Maeda
Associate Director, MIT Media Laboratory

“I’ve gone thru your book ‘Seeing is Believing 2’ and it is absolutely delightful. I love the creativity that you have put into it. (...) You have put together some great ideas.” (from a letter)
William J. Spezeski
North Adams State College,
North Adams, Massachusetts

“Your ‘Seeing is Believing’ books would be a wonderful resource for teachers who want to approach computing from a visual perspective.They would be ideal for the more traditional computing teacher who wanted to expand their horizons, or the visual arts teacher who wanted to apply their background in computing – and everyone in between.
(...) Your books are crammed full of ideas. I doubt that anybody would start at page one with a class and simply work their way through to the back cover. They are the sort of resources teachers would find valuable as a reference to ‘flick through’ inspiration.” (from a letter)

Jim Fuller
ACCE /ACS National Educator of the Year 2000
ECAWA State Educator of the Year 1999

“Me parece muy interesante y atractivo el matiz que le das a los temas que presentas. Muy interesante cómo los enlazas todos alrededor de la simetria. Todas esas referencias a trabajos de arte reales, dan soporte a las actividades artísticas que propones.
(...) Sobre (lo que relatas en) ‘Recuerdos y algunas ideas visuales’, ¡parece que tú tuviste con espejos y caleidoscopios lo que Papert tuvo con engranajes!” (from a letter)

Daniel Ajoy
Denver, USA

(...) “I have read the book (‘Seeing is Believing 2’) and found it very impressive, especialy your Microworlds projects”. (from a letter)
Shawn Jesty
Logo Computer Systems Inc.

(...) “In this book you will find many old artistic fields: calligraphy, typography, ornamental art-lettering, design experiments, impressionist paintings, photomontages, masks, ambigrams, reversible words, geometrical image distortions, spirals, meanders, key-patterns, geometrical line drawings and compositions in the manner of Paul Kle or Piet Mondrian, ethnomathematics, turtle diagrams, ornamental patterns… But now, they are obtained and interpreted by the use of computer graphical programs. Through that labyrinth of computer visualization, covering almost whole history of painting and design your guides will be Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, and the author Rosa Kaufman.” (from the Preface of the series of books ‘Ver para creer’)
Professor Dr. Slavik Jablan
Editor of “Visual Mathematics”

(...) “Los he revisado (‘Ver para creer 1’ and 2) con detenimiento y me ha parecido un material muy útil para trabajar en el aula, pensado para ser utilizado por los niños de una forma inductiva. Me gusta. (...) En ellos se presenta la información en forma de fichas, un sistema que persigue rehuir la teoría y presentar directamente proyectos de trabajo, para que sea el propio niño quien de forma intuitiva haga sus descubrimientos. Los apartados dedicados a Logo también los veo muy motivadores. (...) El hecho de que hayas apostado por un material diseñado y pensado para niños me parece muy acertado.” (from a letter)
Antonio Pantoja Vallejo
Universidad de Jaén
Director of site MACROMUNDO DE LOGO


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